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Here's What Our Clients Have To Say...

“Gina is a godsend to any physician wanting to become a healthier individual and avoid burnout. She provides the external motivation and accountability needed to begin making strides towards changing their life. She leads physicians through creating a vision for their personal health while drawing out genuine ownership within each to accomplish the goals set. Gina’s knowledge and encouragement are crucial to help healthcare workers cultivate a sustainable balance of self-care and professional development. I would recommend her to anyone looking for results and change.”

- Elizabeth Pearson
Executive Coach
Forbes Coaches Council

“Life as a medical student is stressful and uncertain, and the compounding stressors can shake the core of the strongest individuals. When I first started working with Dr. Geis, I was unsure of myself and unsure of my path in medicine, and had a strong dose of imposter syndrome to add to that. From day one, she put me at ease and was immediately able to help me identify why I was feeling stuck. Together, we formed reasonable short term goals that would put me back on track as well as propel me toward the future I knew I wanted, but was holding myself back from. She helped me realize what my core values, strengths, and passions are, and how I could find all of that in my future career choice. Most importantly, she was able to help me realize that I had the ability to excel the entire time; I have the tools to create exactly the life that I want. This has been a transformative experience, and I feel a sense of empowerment and confidence that I have had before, but now realize I will always be able to access again during difficult times. I will always be grateful for my time with Dr. Geis.”

- Katherine Webb

"This coaching experience with Dr. Gina Geis has been extremely formative both professionally and personally. I have gained tools to cope with stressful situations and rejuvenate my mental health so I can be the most productive version of myself. I have also invested time to best prepare for residency applications and interview season during fourth year. This preparation has given me the confidence that I will excel in this final year of medical school. From developing my self-care practices, to visualizing my 'ideal situation', to writing my personal statement, and strengthening my interview skills, Dr. Geis has given me the tools to succeed. Her patience, compassion, vulnerability, and work ethic make her an incredible mentor who has been a pivotal part of my medical school experience. I admire her as a person and health care professional, and she motivates me to be the best that I can be. Thank you!"

- Alexandra Collell